The Solution: Apply Free Market Principles to Money Itself

By applying free market principles to money itself, we can reestablish economic democracy and create sustainable economies that encourage diversity and freedom.

The Fundamentals of Digital Currencies

The QBaan is a digital form of cash. As such, it is a completely new form of money. This series explains the basics of digital cash. 

What is Digital Cash?

Why Use a Digital Currency?

How Do I Use a Digital Currency?

Digital Currency for Economic Democracy

QBaan Basics

The QBaan is completely unique in the history of the world in that it is a self-healing economy. It matches the supply of QBaans to the demand for them and it issues money in a fair way that promotes market diversity and freedom. 

What are QBaans?

How do QBaans Work? - Part 1

How do QBaans Work? - Part 2

How do QBaans Work? - Part 3

The QBaan Advantage

The QBaan and Legal Tender Laws

Just Three Graphs Show Why We’re Making the QBaan

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