The Problem: An Unsustainable Economy

Our economy is in trouble, serious trouble. Here’s why.

Problem 1: Fractional Reserve Banking Creates an Unsustainable Economy

Our banking system was invented in the 1600s to enrich the elites. It still does that today. And it does it very, very well.

This series of articles explains how our banking system works, why it is unsustainable, and how it concentrates money and power from the many to the few.

Why is the World Running Out of Money?

Fractional Reserve Banking is Unsustainable

How Our Money Gets Created

What About the Interest?

Fractional Reserve Banking Increases Poverty

Fractional Reserve Banking Concentrates Wealth from the Many to the Few

Fractional Reserve Banking Causes Cancerous Economic Growth

Fractional Reserve Banking Causes Ecological Devastation

Fractional Reserve Banking Kills Economic Diversity

Quick Summary: Why Fractional Reserve Banking is Unsustainable

Problem 2: Economic Monopoly Destroys Freedom

The government has monopoly power over the creation and issuance of money. Have you ever played the game Monopoly? Good. Then you know what will happen to our economy.

In this series of articles, we present the concept of an economic democracy, which is something that the authors of the US Constitution understood clearly. The articles then walk you through how the US Constitution was reinterpreted to mean exactly the opposite of what its authors wrote and how that reinterpretation was used to create an economic monopoly. It then explains how and why government uses its monopolistic powers to concentrate power to itself.

The Free Market is an Economic Democracy

How Did We Get from Economic Democracy to Economic Monopoly?

Currency Control and Monetary Policy

Governments Use Monetary Policy to Play Santa Claus

Governments Use Monetary Policy to Temporarily Suppress Unemployment

Government Uses Monetary Policy to “Fix” Trade Imbalances

Government Economic Monopoly and the Boom and Bust Cycle

Economic Monopoly Increases Government Control

The Economy, Networks, and Too Big to Fail

Economic Monopoly is Neither Humane nor Viable


And here’s a bonus article that shows in just three graphs how dire our situation really is.

Just Three Graph Show Why We’re Making the QBaan

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