QBaan Overview

QBaans are a digital free-market currency based the same blockchain technology that bitcoin uses. However, unlike bitcoin, the QBaan is a second-generation currency system that can provide the basis for the entire infrastructure that a fully functional economy needs.

In addition, the QBaan fixes fundamental inequalities in our current monetary system that force people into poverty no matter how well they use their money. It does this through the application of free market principles and by enabling anyone to become a stakeholder in the QBaan system.

In short, the QBaan economy is a fairer and more humane free market than anything we have now. As a result, it increases the chances that individuals who are willing to work and provide value to the economy can attain a reasonable standard of living. It also provides new opportunities for investments and new ways of conducting the economy.

QBaan Quick Summary

Here’s a quick look at what the QBaan is.


Why QBaans?

In a few short seconds, you can find out why we’re making the QBaan.


The QBaan Advantage

Why would the QBaan be better than other money solutions?


Getting Involved

Find out how to get involved in building the QBaan system and making money in it.


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