Providing Services to the QBaan Economy

The QFed will provide services to the QBaan economy to make it more viable, but also to make money. It uses the money it makes to pay its expenses. 

The services that the QFed is planning to provide include the following.

  • Mining - The QFed will be setting up a mining pool that mines the most profitable digital currency at the moment, sells the coins that it mines in exchange for Qbits, and then pays its miners in QBaans. In this way, the QFed makes it easy for new miners to join in the QBaan mining effort and quickly make a reasonable profit. It also creates demand for the QBaan on existing digital currency exchanges.
  • Banking Services - There are times when QBaan holders need banking services. For example, it would be nice if QBaan users could pay with a debit or credit card that pays out in a mixture of QBaan and the user’s national currency. The QFed will work to provide such services through banks and credit card companies.
  • Investment Services - The QFed is working to create new types of investment services that are both fairer and more humane than those in common use at this time. The QFed will make money on these services, but the goal is to offer a wider range of people the chance to participate in investments using QBaans.

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