We Are Rebranding

To date, our efforts to create a self-regulating currency have all been done under the name Qbit. But there are at least three other projects that are now trying to use the Qbit name. We have enough work done under the name Qbit to trademark it and force everyone else to stop using it. However, this isn’t a course we see as desirable.

So we’re changing our name to a name that we WILL trademark. Our new name for our currency is the QBaan, which is derived from the name of a Japanese gold coin called the oban. The oban was used in Japan in feudal times.

So from now on, we’ll be called the QBaan Federation (still abbreviated QFed) and our currency will be called the QBaan.

We are on Twitter!

The Qbit Federation is now on Twitter. You can follow us at

Announcing the Qbit!

The Qbit Federation (QFed) is initiating a project to produce the Qbit, a cryptocurrency based on the same blockchain technologh that bitcoin uses. 

The Qbit is a currency that neither inflates nor deflates. It maintains a constant value and buying power over time. In addition, it implements smart, multicurrency digital wallets, a distributed currency exchange, and serves as a platform for further innovation in digital currencies.

At present, we are encouraging computer programmers to help out in our effort. You can find our source code repository on Github.

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