The following articles are excerpts from the blog that explain what the Qbit is, how it works, and why you might want to use it.

Problem 1: Fractional Reserve Banking Creates an Unsustainable Economy

Why is the World Running Out of Money?

Fractional Reserve Banking is Unsustainable

How Our Money Gets Created

What About the Interest?

Fractional Reserve Banking Increases Poverty

Fractional Reserve Banking Concentrates Wealth from the Many to the Few

Fractional Reserve Banking Causes Cancerous Economic Growth

Fractional Reserve Banking Causes Ecological Devastation

Fractional Reserve Banking Kills Economic Diversity

Quick Summary: Why Fractional Reserve Banking is Unsustainable

Problem 2: Economic Monopoly Destroys Freedom

The Free Market is an Economic Democracy

How Did We Get from Economic Democracy to Economic Monopoly?

Currency Control and Monetary Policy

Governments Use Monetary Policy to Play Santa Claus

Governments Use Monetary Policy to Temporarily Suppress Unemployment

Government Uses Monetary Policy to “Fix” Trade Imbalances

Government Economic Monopoly and the Boom and Bust Cycle

Economic Monopoly Increases Government Control

The Economy, Networks, and Too Big to Fail

Economic Monopoly is Neither Humane nor Viable

Qbit Basics

What are QBaans?

How do QBaans Work? - Part 1

How do QBaans Work? - Part 2

How do QBaans Work? - Part 3

The QBaan Advantage

The QBaan and Legal Tender Laws

Just Three Graphs Show Why We’re Making the QBaan

The QBaan and the Free Market

The QBaan as a Universal Subscription System

Banks and the QBaan

Applying Free Market Principles to Money Itself

What Gives Value to Currency?

Competition Equals Efficiency, Usability, Stability, and Safety

Free Market Money and Government

The Fundamentals of Digital Currencies

What is Digital Cash?

Why Use a Digital Currency?

How Do I Use a Digital Currency?

Digital Currency for Economic Democracy

The QBaan System in Action

The QBaan System in Action

The Elimination of Inflation

Private Online Transactions

Private In-Person Transactions

Easy Multicurrency Transactions

Private and Safe Storage of QBaans

Enfranchising Developing Nations in the Global Market

In-Game Currency

Incentivizing Purchases

Ad-Hoc Resource Contributions

Using the Qbit System

Using the QBaan System

Obtaining QBaan

Spending QBaans: Example 1

Spending QBaans: Example 2

Spending QBaans: Example 3

Spending QBaans: Example 4

Spending QBaans: Example 5

QBaans Expand Economic Horizons

A Deep Dive into the QBaan System

A Deep Dive into the QBaan System

Bitcoin Paves the Way

The Limitations of Bitcoin

QBaans Defeat Inflation and Deflation

Distributed Currency Exchange

Mining Produces QBaans

Customers Use “Lite” Wallets

Smart Contracts: The Big Bang

Smart Contracts: The Big Bang

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

Cheap Wi-Fi through Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts: Turning Roads into into Communications Conduits

Smart Contracts: Of Roads, Power Companies, and Internet Access

Smart Roads and the Free Market

Smart Roads Pave the Way to Clean Energy

Smart Contracts, Microlending, and Microinvesting

Smart Contracts and the Democratization of Lending

Smart Contracts and the Democratization of Insurance

Smart Contracts, Microlending, and Venture Capital

Using Smart Contracts to Build Economic Infrastructure

Smart Contracts, Transparency, and Anonymity

Smart Contracts and Ad Hoc Resource Contributions

Smart Contracts and Prediction Markets

A Deep Dive into the Qbit Federation

The Qbit Federation

Promoting the Qbit

Advancing Qbit Technology

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