Introducing the QBaan

The QBaan (pronounced QUE-bahn) is an innovative new free market digital currency that doesn't inflate or deflate. It uses a peer-to-peer distributed ledger system that can be audited by anyone. The QBaan system is open source, so its functionality is available for public scrutiny. 

No one owns or issues the QBaan system. The QBaan system issues QBaans autonomously according to known and publicly available algorithms.

Anyone can use the QBaan. And anyone can join in and provide services to the system and receive payment in QBaans.

The QBaan system is also a platform for innovation in financial and distributed applications. With it, you can issue your own forms of money, build autonomous decentralized applications, and create innovative systems for trading and information exchange.

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Introducing the QBaan Federation

The QBaan Federation is a nonprofit organization that develops the QBaan system, but does not own the QBaan software or issue the QBaan or any other currency. The QBaan system issues QBaans autonomously without human intervention.

The QBaan Federation also promotes the use of the QBaan and develops software, such as the digital wallet software you need in order to buy and sell with QBaans.

In addition, the QBaan Federation assists the QBaan system in maintaining the value or buying power at a reasonably constant level, which eliminates inflation and deflation. Unlike the government, it does this through non-compulsory means. You can participate in maintaining the value of your QBaans or not. It's up to you. But the system rewards you for your participation, so please consider it.

The QBaan Federation also provides services to the QBaan economy that make the QBaan easy and convenient to use.

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